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P.T.O. Meeting to Elect P.T.O. Officers

Our first Cougar P.T.O. meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 3, 2019. During this meeting, we will be electing our 2019-2020 Cougar P.T.O. officers. For additional details, click "P.T.O. Meeting to Elect P.T.O. Officers." We hope to see our Cougar family there!
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McAllen ISD 1st Annual Dyslexia Conference

You are invited to attend the 1st Annual Dyslexia Conference in McAllen! Specialists in the field will provide important information regarding dyslexia. Please be sure to register, attend the conference, and learn more about dyslexia! Click "McAllen ISD 1st Annual Dyslexia Conference" for details on this event.
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Let's Celebrate Perfect Attendance!

Have you been to school every day since the first day of school? If you have and continue being present every day for the first six weeks, you can be eligible for our Perfect Attendance Pool Party! Click "Let's Celebrate Perfect Attendance" for more details.
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McAllen I.S.D. is an "A" District!

We did it again! McAllen I.S.D. earns an A for a second consecutive year. McAllen is among three large public school districts receiving an A rating. Click "McAllen I.S.D. is an "A" District" for more information.
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