Welcome to Houstonville!

At Sam Houston Elementary, we are proud to continue with our 22-year-old Minitropolis program called Houstonville.  Houstonville mirrors a fully-functioning community where kids are in charge.  
To lead Houstonville, students elect a mayor and city officials.  In addition to a city government, Houstonville offers students other real world, employment positions such as IBC bank executives and tellers, law enforcement officers, and store managers or store employees.
Within Houstonville, kids run a fully-operational IBC Bank, the IRS, and a Houstonville Post Office.  Students are also in charge of different businesses and stores such as the Home Depot, Costco, HEB, and Office Depot.     
The goal of our Minitropolis program is for children to learn the value of leadership and responsibility while they become financially literate.